MunEDA - EDA Tools for Migration, Sizing and Verification of Custom IC

MunEDA provides within it's WiCkeDTM EDA suite tools for migration, sizing and verification of Custom IC circuits such as Highspeed I/O, Memory, RF Circuits, Analog, Standard Cells, and many others. Designers can improve and optimize the circuit regarding contraints & feasibility, performances & specifications, robustness, yield, area, stability, timing, power, realiability, aging, degradation, stress, self heating and many others.

MunEDA is a leading provider of front-end EDA tools for automated - go beyond machine learning - circuit migration, sizing and verification of Custom IC. MunEDA solutions are well integrated into the industry standard EDA design and simulation frameworks of our partners. Headquartered in Munich Germany MunEDA has worldwide sales & support offices to serve our global customers like semiconductor IDMs (integrated device manufacturers), fabless design houses & foundries.