Circuit Migration with SPT 2.0

MunEDA Schematic Porting Tool for circuit schematic migration and IP porting between different process technologies

MunEDA SPT Schematic Porting Tool

MunEDA provides with SPT Schematic Porting Tool an EDA tool solutions for horizontal and vertical circuit migration & IP porting of custom IC circuits between different process technologies and within internal and external foundry processes.

SPT - Features

  • Replaces devices in the schematic with their counterpart (source PDK to target PDK)
  • Provides flexible property mapping and automated shrinking, is configurable, and can handle MOS, R, C, and other properties
  • Walks hierarchically through the schematics
  • Is fully integrated into Cadence® Virtuoso® based unified custom/analog flow including SKILL context files, wrapper scripts and configuration scripts
  • Includes user reference documentation for installation, configuration and usage

SPT - 4-Step Schematic Porting Tool Flow

SPT - Highlights

  • Automated schematic migration 10-100X faster than manual porting
  • Improves designers' productivity and simplifies the migration tasks
  • Consistently achieves repeatable and verified results
  • Customer & silicon proven with many different foundry PDK

SPT Tool Reference

MunEDA Support

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Customer References - SPT Circuit Migration & IP Porting

MunEDA circuit migration tools are successfully proven in numerous industrial circuit design projects with global semiconductor companies since many years.