MunEDA SPT Schematic Porting Tool

MunEDA provides with SPT Schematic Porting Tool an EDA tool solutions for horizontal and vertical circuit migration & IP porting of custom IC circuits between different process technologies and within internal and external foundry processes.

SPT - Features

  • Replaces devices in the schematic with their counterpart (source PDK to target PDK)
  • Provides flexible property mapping and automated shrinking, is configurable, and can handle MOS, R, C, and other properties
  • Walks hierarchically through the schematics
  • Is fully integrated into Cadence® Virtuoso® based unified custom/analog flow including SKILL context files, wrapper scripts and configuration scripts
  • Includes user reference documentation for installation, configuration and usage

SPT - 4-Step Schematic Porting Tool Flow

SPT - Highlights

  • Automated schematic migration 10-100X faster than manual porting
  • Improves designers' productivity and simplifies the migration tasks
  • Consistently achieves repeatable and verified results
  • Customer & silicon proven with many different foundry PDK

SPT Tool Reference

MunEDA Support

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Customer References - SPT Circuit Migration & IP Porting

MunEDA circuit migration tools are successfully proven in numerous industrial circuit design projects with global semiconductor companies since many years.