Circuit Verification with WiCkeDTM

Analyze and verify your circuit designs for constraints, performance specifications, operating and process parameters, global and mismatch variation, reliability and others

Circuit Analysis & Verification with MunEDA WiCkeDTM

MunEDA provides with its comprehensive and powerful suite WiCkeDTM tools for simulation-based analysis and verification of Custom IC like circuit constraints, design parameters, PVT, operating corners, specifications, sensitivities, correlations, process dependencies, sweeps, global and mismatch variation, Monte-Carlo, Worst-Case, High Sigma, reliability and more.

Features of WiCkeDTM Circuit Verification tools including

  • Parallel simulation environment (supporting industry-standard SPICE simulators)
  • Multitestbench-Support
  • Circuit Constraint Feasibility Check
  • Circuit Sensitivity Analysis for performances, gain, frequency, slewrates, power, stability, area, others
  • Fast PVT & Operating Corner Analysis: influence of corner cases on given circuit performances
  • Parameter Screening
  • Fast & Enhanced Monte Carlo Analysis (3-5 sigma plus)
  • Importance Sampling & Robustness Verification
  • High Sigma Worst Case Analysis (6-9 sigma plus)
  • Global and local (mismatch) variation and yield analysis
  • Reliability & aging analysis for degradation effects
  • ... and many more

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Customer References - Circuit & Sensitivity Analysis & Debugging

MunEDA statistical & variation analysis & verification tools are successfully proven in thousands industrial circuit design projects with global semiconductor companies since many years.