Circuit Verification with WiCkeDTM

Analyze and verify your circuit designs for constraints, performance specifications, operating and process parameters, global and mismatch variation, reliability and others

Circuit Analysis & Verification with MunEDA WiCkeDTM

MunEDA provides with its comprehensive and powerful suite WiCkeDTM tools for simulation-based analysis and verification of Custom IC like circuit constraints, design parameters, PVT, operating corners, specifications, sensitivities, correlations, process dependencies, sweeps, global and mismatch variation, Monte-Carlo, Worst-Case, High Sigma, reliability and more.

Features of WiCkeDTM Circuit Verification tools including

  • Parallel simulation environment (supporting industry-standard SPICE simulators)
  • Multitestbench-Support
  • Circuit Constraint Feasibility Check
  • Circuit Sensitivity Analysis for performances, gain, frequency, slewrates, power, stability, area, others
  • Fast PVT & Operating Corner Analysis: influence of corner cases on given circuit performances
  • Parameter Screening
  • Fast & Enhanced Monte Carlo Analysis (3-5 sigma plus)
  • Importance Sampling & Robustness Verification
  • High Sigma Worst Case Analysis (6-9 sigma plus)
  • Global and local (mismatch) variation and yield analysis
  • Reliability & aging analysis for degradation effects
  • ... and many more

Learn more about the following MunEDA circuit analysis & verification tools & solutions here

MunEDA WiCkeDTM Circuit & Sensitivity includes tools and solutions for NOMINAL & CORNER based circuit analysis & verification for constraints, performances, gain, frequency, slewrates, power, stability, area, others. Learn more
MunEDA WiCkeDTM PVT & Corner includes tools and solutions for PVT Corner Run Analyses: analyzes the influence of corner cases (PVT corners) on given circuit performances and constraints. Learn more
MunEDA WiCkeDTM Monte Carlo for low sigma (3-5 sigma plus) includes tools and solutions for Statistical Monte-Carlo Analysis for global statistical and local mismatch effects on custom circuits. Very robust with many useful features. Learn more
MunEDA WiCkeDTM High- and Ultra-High Sigma tools (6-9 sigma plus) includes tools and solutions for Statistical Worst Case Analysis up to 6-9 sigma and more. Silicon validated for SRAM, DRAM, Flash, High-Speed I/O and many other custom circuits. Learn more
MunEDA WiCkeDTM Robustness Verification Flow includes tools and solutions for Automated Statistical and Robustness Verification Flow for all kind of sigma analyses including standardized robustness reports. Learn more

Customer References - Circuit & Sensitivity Analysis & Debugging

MunEDA statistical & variation analysis & verification tools are successfully proven in thousands industrial circuit design projects with global semiconductor companies since many years.