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MunEDA Technical Forum Taiwan 2008 will take place April 18th in Hsin-Chu Ambassador Hotel

Hsin-Chu, Taiwan - Monday, April 07th, 2008

MunEDA will have its MunEDA Technical Forum 2008 Taiwan (MTF Taiwan 2008) on Friday, April 18th 2008 in Ambassador Hotel in Hsin-Chu, Taiwan. MunEDA´s Vice President Product & Solutions here will present industrial and methodology cases of Circuit Design for Yield with MunEDA´s EDA DFM-DFY tool suite WiCkeD. This includes interactive and automatic software for analysis and optimization circuit performance and yield on transistor level. Technical background presentation and software demonstration will be done about productive industrial application cases. These are examples of Analog & Mixed-Signal designs like OpAmps, Bandgaps, PLL, VCO, Powerlogic, RF circuits, Memory Designs like SRAM, DRAM, Sense Amplifiers and Library Cell Designs like Full Custom Macros, Digital Cells, and others.

Prof. Dr. Mi-Chang Chang, former director with TSMC Library and IP Development Department and now professor at National Tsing Hua University ( will open the forum with a technological background presentation about Robust Design Methodologies for Deep Submicron Technologies.

David Chang-Chung Wu, R&D Technical Director of Faraday Technology Corporation ( will present Faraday´s Analog Design Synthesis Platform based on MunEDA´s WiCkeD tools. Faraday Technology Corporation is a leading silicon IP and fabless ASIC vendor headquartered in Taiwan with offices worldwide.

Simon Hong, from GTI Grand Technology Inc., will present the WiCkeD tools in an open tool demonstration and tutorial. GTI ( is representing MunEDA´s tool in Taiwan.

Additionally Michael Pronath, Vice President Products & Solutions of MunEDA will present industrial application cases for circuit analysis and optimization with MunEDA WiCkeD from companies like STMicroelectronics, Infineon, austriamicrosystems, ZMD, Bosch Semiconductor, X-Fab, and others.

Chin-Lung King, CEO of GTI Grand Technology Inc., Hsin-Chu, Taiwan states: "Considering the effects of process variation, mismatch and operating conditions on the performance and yield of circuits becomes more and more important for high-performance circuit designs. MunEDA software tools for analysis and optimization for circuit design-for-yield (DFY) help circuit designers worldwide to significantly speed up their design task and to improve performance, robustness and yield of the resulting analog/mixed-signal/RF designs, as well as full-custom digital circuits and digital library elements."

The MTF Taiwan 2008 is a half day event at Friday, April 18th 2008, located in Hsin-Chu Ambassador Hotel, starting 8:45h with welcome coffee and ends after the sessions with a common lunch at 12:20h. The MTF Taiwan 2008 is free-of-charge and open for everybody interested in the presented topics. More information can be found at:

Registration for the event can be done with:

You can download MTF Taiwan 2008 Invitation Flyer here:

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MunEDA develops and licenses EDA tools and solutions that analyze, model, optimize and verify the performance, robustness and yield of analog, mixed-signal and digital circuits. Leading semiconductor companies rely on MunEDA's WiCkeD' tool suite - the industry's most comprehensive range of advanced circuit analysis solutions - to reduce circuit design time and achieve maximum yield in their communications, computer, memory, automotive and consumer electronics designs. Founded in 2001, MunEDA is headquartered in Munich, Germany, with offices in Cupertino, California, USA (MunEDA Inc.), and leading EDA distributors in the U.S., Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Scandinavia, and other countries worldwide. For more information, please visit MunEDA at