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MunEDA joins Synopsys HSPICE Integrator Program as Founding Member

Mountain View, USA - Tuesday, March 11th, 2008

Mountain View, California, March 11th, 2008 – MunEDA GmbH has joined the new Synopsys HSPICE Integrator Program as founding member.
The HSPICE Integrator Program enables qualified EDA vendors to integrate their products with the de facto standard HSPICE simulator, HSPICE RF simulator, and WaveView Analyzer(tm). In addition, qualified HSPICE Integrator Program members have access to HSPICE integrator application programming interfaces (APIs). Collaboration between HSPICE Integrator Program members will enable customers to achieve more thorough design verification in a shorter period of time from the improvements offered by inter-company EDA design solutions.

"By encouraging, facilitating and promoting the integration of HSPICE with all Synopsys and other EDA flows, Synopsys provides customers the flexibility to choose the EDA products and flows that best meet their needs," said Rich Goldman, vice president of Strategic Market Development at Synopsys. "The HSPICE Integrator Program will help accelerate the development of interoperable solutions that can simplify customers' verification cycles and help them achieve predictable success."

"Joining the Synopsys HSPICE Integrator Program as founding member marks a further significant step on our roadmap. As HSPICE is the quasi standard for SPICE simulation in the industry this enables MunEDA to sustain a seamless integration level for all Synopsys AMS design and simulation products." Stated Andreas Ripp, MunEDA Vice President Sales & Marketing. "Joining the program also strengthens our existing cooperation with Synopsys to offer an Automatic Library Optimization Flow based on the extended process variability functions of HSPICE and our MunEDA software tool suite WiCkeD."

Founding members of the HSPICE Integrator Program include: Accelicon Technologies Inc., Agilent EEsof EDA, Altos Design Automation, Inc., Apache Design Solutions, Applied Simulation Technology, ATEEDA, AWR, Computer Simulation Technology (CST), Helic S.A., Interra Systems Inc., Jedat Inc., Mephisto Design Automation (MDA), MunEDA GmbH, Nangate Inc., Novas Software, OEA International, Inc., Orora Design Technologies, Inc., Physware, Inc., ProPlus Design Solutions, Inc., Signal Integrity Software, Inc. (SiSoft), Sigrity, Inc., Silicon Canvas, Solido Design Automation Inc., Veritools Inc., and Z Circuit Automation.

See Synopsys Press Release for Synopsys HSPICE Integrator Program:

Visit the Synopsys HSPICE Integrator Program here:

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