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STMicroelectronics, Infineon, austriamicrosystems, IMMS, Bosch and ZMD-ZFoundry presented at MunEDA User Group Meeting Europe 2006

Munich, Germany - Tuesday, September 19th, 2006

The MunEDA User Group Meeting Europe 2006 took successfully place at September 19th 2006 in City Hilton Munich. WiCkeD Users from more than 15 companies and institutes worldwide participated at this outstanding technical event e.g. Infineon, STMicroelectronics, Toshiba, austriamicrosystems, ZMD, ZFoundry, IMMS, Qimonda, TUM, University of Frankfurt, Fraunhofer, DICE, ChipMD, GTI and others. The presentation program included contributions of WiCkeD DFM-DFY application cases by STMicroelectronics, Infineon Technologies, austriamicrosystems, IMMS and ZMD-ZFoundry. Additionally MunEDA informed about new features and functionalities in the recently released WiCkeD 5 Version.

The first technical presentation was given by Ing. Carlo Roma from STMicroelectronics, FTM Agrate, Italy. Carlo Roma presented the integration of WiCkeD into STMicroelectronics Design Environment UNICAD2.4 and presented in detail two WiCkeD application cases of ST. First application case covered the sizing and design centering of a Bandgap Voltage Reference in 130nm CMOA technology used for internal voltage generation in a flash memory macro. Starting with a silicon yield value of 12% the designer could improve its design with use of WiCkeD to a final silicon yield value of 92%. The results of this example already were published at ISQED2005 conference in San Jose. The second application case presented is a sense amplifier with specific sensitivity on mismatch effects. Based on a adapted incremental circuit analysis and optimization workflow with WiCkeD the sense amplifier could be improved by the designer from a under-specification level to a more than 3-sigma (>99,9% Yield) level.

In the second contribution Dr. Volker Boos from IMMS in Erfurt introduced the audience into a new methodology for the reuse of circuit topologies using WiCkeD. In this contribution Dr. Boos pointed out, that because of the very time consuming design of analog blocks and the adaptation of automatic synthesis only for special cases it could be much easier to reuse existing topologies based on a automated re-sizing flow using WiCkeD´s specification- driven technology migration and IP porting functionality. The flow contains the steps replacing abstract models with process specific models, doing initial and nominal sizing. Based on new technologies statistical data a final yield optimization will be done, before the re-used circuit will be estimated in the layout and processed. Dr. Boos invites interested industrial and institutional partners to join the project, that is also funded by the German Government.

In the third contribution Dipl.-Ing. Thomas Fischer from Infineon Technologies Communications Department presented 6T SRAM six sigma design with WiCkeD. Based on a first introduction into effects of global and local variations on SRAM cells, Thomas Fischer presented a specific WiCkeD-based yield analysis and optimization flow for very high robust circuits (>6sigma design). Within this flow firstly the global process variations like vthn, tok, xl, etc. will be taken into account and the circuit parameters sized to get it very insensitive to these parameter variations. Finally the performance for local variations representing the array size of the cells will be analysed and determined. As result the necessary 6-sigma yield and robustness quality could be achieved with this methodology.

The fourth talk was given by Dipl.-Ing. Oliver Eisenberger from austriamicrosystems about the circuit application case "Yield Optimization of a Power-on Reset Cell and Experimental Verification with WiCkeD". Within this talk Oliver Eisenberger presented the new austriamicrosystems Design for Manufacturability (DFM) reference design flow using WiCkeD. He furthermore presented the different analysis and sizing steps to optimize a Power-on reset (POR) cell with WiCkeD within austriamicrosystems process design environment HIP-Kit. The POR was improved from initial silicon 73% to final 100% yield with functionalities of WiCkeD. The optimised results on improved production yield were verified by electrical test at wafer level for varying process conditions. Parts of the results of this circuit optimization projects were presented and published together with austriamicrosystems and MunEDA at CICC2006 in San Jose as well as at ANALOG2006 conference in Dresden.

The fifth and final talk was given by Dipl.-Ing. Karl-Heinz Rooch about "Circuit Design-for-Yield for a 110 dB Op-Amp for Automotive and Sensor Applications with WiCkeD". In this project WiCkeD was utilized in a very complex hierarchical design. Within the design especially the trade off between high DC-gain and settling time was a large challenge. Within a WiCkeD and ZMD-Inhouse-tool ZMD-Analyser five step-flow (A-Feasibility of Main Topology, B-Optimization of the SBC sub-blocks, C-Optimization of main circuit, D-Yield Analysis and optimization, E-Final centering, rounding and verification) there could be achieved a yield level of > 98% from starting low level usual for a new developed design. Results of this circuit optimization projects were also presented and published together with ZMD and MunEDA at ANALOG06 conference in Dresden.

The social event after the User Group Meeting Europe 2006 took place at traditional Munich Oktoberfest.

Download MUGM Europe 2006 Proceedings

Participants of MunEDA User Group Meeting Europe 2006 from:
Infineon, STMicroelectronics, Toshiba, austriamicrosystems, ZMD, ZFoundry, IMMS, Bosch
Qimonda,TUM, University of Frankfurt, Fraunhofer, DICE, ChipMD, GTI and MunEDA

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