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MunEDA Releases Version 5.0 of its DFM-DFY Software WiCkeDTM-DesignMDTM

San Francisco, USA - Monday, July 24th, 2006

MunEDA together with partner ChipMD announce at the 43rd DAC 2006 in San Francisco the release of WiCkeD-DesignMD Version 5.0 for transistor level analysis and optimization for performance and manufacturing yield. Improvements in this new release include an easy-to-use parameterization of the circuit to be analyzed/optimized, support of discrete design parameters, improved integration into Cadence Analog Design Environment, a netlist-based standalone setup, improved analysis and optimization capabilities, and several ease-of-use enhancements.

WiCkeD-DesignMD is a comprehensive and powerful software product for interactive, semi- and fully automatic analysis, sizing, and yield optimization of circuits at transistor level. With its unique analysis and optimization capabilities, WiCkeD-DesignMD addresses the most critical problems of todays circuit design - the decreasing manufacturing yield and thus reliability of produced circuits. WiCkeD-DesignMD accurately predicts and maximizes the expected manufacturing yield and helps the designer to identify critical structures within the circuit.

Dr. Frank Schenkel, Vice President Research & Development of MunEDA states: "We believe that the new release of WiCkeD-DesignMD will help designers to improve the quality and reliability of their circuits and thus of the overall systems. The enhancements implemented in WiCkeD-DesignMD 5.0 will lead to even better results in less time compared to the already production-proven previous version. With the support of discrete design parameters throughout analyses and optimizations, we address the increasing demand of RF designers for such solutions."

Version 5.0 of WiCkeD-DesignMD includes the following improvements:
  • Easy-to-use parameterization: Designers can now easily define parameters for devices or circuits in the WiCkeD-DesignMD Constraint Editor in addition to parameters defined in Cadence Virtuoso. The new parameterization capability includes fast assignment of matching properties to several devices or circuits.
  • Improved integration: The integration of WiCkeD-DesignMD has been substantially improved and includes now direct back annotation to the schematic and support of config views and extracted views. In addition to the integration into the Cadence Framework DFII, WiCkeD-DesignMD now supports a pure netlist-based setup with simulator measurements to evaluate circuit performances and constraints. In this "standalone" setup, back annotation will be performed to a netlist.
  • Discrete (non-continuous) design parameters: This allows to analyze and optimize circuits over properties that can only have discrete values, e.g. multipliers, fingers. Support of discrete parameters extends the application of WiCkeD-DesignMD to RF designs.
  • Optimization algorithms: Optimization algorithms have been further improved regarding faster convergence and higher robustness especially with respect to non-linearities. Additional effort has been spend on the observability of the optimizers. The progress of performance values or yield is now displayed and the results of intermediate iterations can now be accessed easily.

Andreas Ripp, Vice President Sales & Marketing of MunEDA and Dale Pollek, President and CEO of ChipMD Inc. (MunEDA´s sales & support channel in North America) stated: "With the new features and functionalities in WiCkeD-DesignMD 5.0 we are answering the feedback from our customers and users from more than 200 design and tape-out projects within the last year. The new version will enable a wider user base to get benefit from our tools and solutions. In parallel we are strengthening our sales, distribution and support capabilities worldwide significantly to improve the direct contact to our customers"

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About MunEDA
MunEDA develops and licenses EDA tools and solutions that analyze, model, optimize and verify the performance, robustness and yield of analog, mixed-signal and digital circuits. Leading semiconductor companies rely on MunEDA's WiCkeD' tool suite - the industry's most comprehensive range of advanced circuit analysis solutions - to reduce circuit design time and achieve maximum yield in their communications, computer, memory, automotive and consumer electronics designs. Founded in 2001, MunEDA is headquartered in Munich, Germany, with offices in Cupertino, California, USA (MunEDA Inc.), and leading EDA distributors in the U.S., Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Scandinavia, and other countries worldwide. For more information, please visit MunEDA at