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MunEDA joins the Si2 Silicon Integration Initiative and the Open Process Design Kit Coalition

Austin/Munich, USA - Tuesday, February 08th, 2011

The Silicon Integration Initiative (Si2) and MunEDA today announced that MunEDA has joined Si2 and will take part in the Si2´s Open Process Design Kit Coalition (OPDKC).

"We joined Si2 because it is the key organization for innovation and standardization in the EDA and semiconductor industry", said Andreas Ripp, MunEDA Vice President Sales & Marketing. "We will mainly collaborate in the Si2 OpenPDK coalition to bring in and share our deep knowledge in design analysis, modeling and optimization methodologies with the other Si2 partners."

"Si2 constantly strives to offer value and service to our member companies", said Steve Schulz, president and chief executive officer of Si2. "This is evidenced by our strong and expending membership base and new projects such as the OpenPDK Coalition. We are very pleased that MunEDA is joining Si2 and is committed to bringing its special knowledge in circuit sizing and variation analysis to the Initiative."

The OpenPDK Coalition from Si2 will enable greater efficiency in PDK development, verification and delivery, and will provide equivalent support to all foundries, EDA tool vendors, intellectual property (IP) providers and end users. Its goal is to define a set of open standards for a PDK structure portable across foundries and agnostic to EDA tools, that supports all process nodes up through 22-nanometer and beyond, including high-voltage analog processes.

About Si2
Si2 is the largest organization of industry-leading semiconductor, systems, EDA and manufacturing companies focused on the development and adoption of standards to improve the way integrated circuits are designed and manufactured, in order to speed time-to market, reduce costs, and meet the challenges of sub-micron design. Now in its 23rd year, Si2 is uniquely positioned to enable timely collaboration through dedicated staff and a strong implementation focus driven by its member companies. Si2 represents nearly 100 companies involved in all parts of the silicon supply chain throughout the world (

About MunEDA
MunEDA develops and licenses EDA tools and solutions that analyze, model, optimize and verify the performance, robustness and yield of analog, mixed-signal and digital circuits. Leading semiconductor companies rely on MunEDA's WiCkeD' tool suite - the industry's most comprehensive range of advanced circuit analysis solutions - to reduce circuit design time and achieve maximum yield in their communications, computer, memory, automotive and consumer electronics designs. Founded in 2001, MunEDA is headquartered in Munich, Germany, with offices in Cupertino, California, USA (MunEDA Inc.), and leading EDA distributors in the U.S., Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Scandinavia, and other countries worldwide. For more information, please visit MunEDA at