MunEDA User Group Meetings

MUGM MunEDA User Group Meeting 2012, Oct 18th - Presentations

MunEDA 2012 - Whats new in WiCkeD 6.5 - Integrations & RnD Roadmap (MUGM 2012)

Keysight - (Agilent) GoldenGate RFIC Simulation and Analysis Software and Interoperability with MunEDA WiCkeD (MUGM 2012)

GLOBALFOUNDRIES - The Company, Technologies and Design Enablement

University Dresden - Low Power MPSoC Circuit Design in GLOBALFOUNDRIES 28nm CMOS with WiCkeD

Infineon - Corner parameter generation with WiCkeD

STMicroelectronics - WiCkeD & CustomerSim-XA for Fast Monte Carlo - WiCkeD & Cadence for Design Intent Capturing

Altera - Sizing of FPGA cells with combination of WiCkeD and Least Squares Fitting

evatronix - Intro Evatronix IP Cores and Services & LowFast Speed Differential OpAmp in 40nm TSMC with WiCkeD

STARC - Circuit Porting and Re-Sizing in STARCAD-AMS Flow

MunEDA - Introduction MunEDA E-Learning Platform (MUGM 2012)

STMicroelectronics - FP7-Funding Projects THERMINATOR, SMAC, MANON Overview

University Rome - WiCkeD results in the optimization of power aware current-mode devices and other prospective applications MANON

Fraunhofer - Using WiCkeD in a Contract Research Environment

MunEDA - SRAM & Memory Design - high-sigma yield analysis and optimization with WiCkeD (MUGM 2012)

Microsemi - Using WiCkeD for SRAM sense amp optimization

Altera - FPGA Routing Driver Optimization with WiCkeD design tools (MUGM 2012)

STMicroelectronics - Sizing of standard cells in worst-case process conditions in 110nm BCD9s

STMicroelectronics - Design Centering of IO in 28nm FDSOI technology

University Erlangen - Verification and Optimization of Digital Radio Receiver Sub Circuits

NSCAD - Educational Program for Brazilian IC Design Industry

University Frankfurt - Automated Analog Synthesis-driven Process Technology Exploration with WiCkeD