MunEDA User Group Meetings

MUGM MunEDA User Group Meeting 2011, Nov 24th / Nov 25th - Presentations

IPGEN - Introduction - IC Design Acceleration using 1Stone®

STMicroelectronics - Reducing Mismatch Impact by means of Proper Biasing in Fully Differential, Low Power CMOS Structures

ZMDI - Silicon Saxony - Network Thinking - Growing Together

MunEDA 2011 - News & Updates WiCkeD 6.4 (MUGM 2011)

STMicroelectronics - AMS Design Flow & Standardization of Analog Design Intent

University Tohoku - Analog Design Optimization with gm-ID Lookup Table Method and WiCkeD

Toshiba - PLL Loop Optimization by WiCkeD

ZMDI - SyEnA - Synthesis based design of analog integrated circuits

TSMC - TSMC AMS Reference Flow & MunEDA WiCkeD

SK Hynix - Analysis Method for The Parasitic RC Variation Problem by WiCkeD

MunEDA 2011 - MunEDA Tools and R&D Roadmap 2011 (MUGM 2011)

STARC - STARCAD-AMS Flow Next Challenges

ON Semiconductor - Methodologies for Mismatch Sizing and Corner Verification for Automotive Applications with WiCkeD

University Dresden - IP Porting and Resizing for High-Speed NoC

MunEDA - MunEDA WiCkeD - SPT Schematic Porting Tool (MUGM 2011)

MunEDA - Trends and Adoption - WiCkeD use-models for Special Tasks (MUGM 2011)

IMMS - Schematic Porting with Symbol Adaption and Initial Sizing as Pre-Process for WiCkeD Optimizations

SK Hynix - Design Optimization for Sensing Circuit of Resistive Memory

Altera - Circuit Optimization with WiCkeD design tools (MUGM 2011)

University Dresden - Design Flow Integration of the Linearized Operating Point (LOP)

STMicroelectronics - Optimization of a 2.133GHz level shifter in 28nm (with WiCkeD)

Infineon - Parameter Calibration and Cascaded Simulations

STMicroelectronics - Surrogate models for the analog circuit simulation based on a machine learning approach (ManOn)