MunEDA User Group Meetings

MUGM MunEDA User Group Meeting 2015, Oct 27th / Oct 28th - Presentations

STMicroelectronics - MUGM 2015 Chair Opening Remarks & Keynote Speech - MUGM 10 Year Anniversary

MunEDA 2015 - What's new in WiCkeD 6.8 - Integration & R&D Roadmap (MUGM 2015)

Empyrean - One-Stop Layout Analysis Platform - Skipper

MunEDA - Video - WiCkeD 6.8 Tool Demo - Enhancements & New Features (MUGM 2015)

Fraunhofer - Speedup performance calculation with SpectreMDL and external extractor script

SMIC - Optimization for extreme low power dissipation of bandgap designs with WiCkeD

MunEDA - Tutorial: Hierarchical SRAM worst-case analysis (MUGM 2015)

MunEDA - MunEDA R&D Updates - Flexible goals for yield optimization (MUGM 2015)

SK Hynix - Fail-analysis practices with WiCkeD tool - Bandgap reference circuit in nonvolatile memory

STMicroelectronics - Reliability-aware design with WiCkeD in FDSOI Technologies

MunEDA - Multi stage worst-case analysis (MUGM 2015)

University Jena - Optimization of Settling Time and Stability for a Low-power Fully-differential Operational Amplifier with WiCkeD

STMicroelectronics - Design of the BandGap voltage reference in 40nm technology using WiCkeD features of Optimization and feasibility

MunEDA - Tutorial: Parameter Screening methods in WiCkeD 6.8 (MUGM 2015)

University Rome - Optimal NBTI Degradation and PVT Variation Resistant Device Sizing in a Full Adder Cell

MunEDA - Update to the Brasilian Semiconductor Ecosystem (MUGM 2015)

CEITEC - Trade-off Analysis between Area and Yield/Robustness demonstrated on a Bandgap Circuit

Institute for Advanced Studies - Circuit Design Optimization with WiCkeD for Radiation Hardening

X-Fab - Rapid adoption of MUNEDA design flows using X-FAB's AMS Reference Kit

STMicroelectronics - Performance enhancement of CMOS tuner cells without increasing the area

MunEDA - Speed-up of OCV Characterization of Standard Cell Libraries with WiCkeD (MUGM 2015)