MunEDA User Group Meetings

MUGM MunEDA User Group Meeting 2014, Nov 17th / Nov 18th - Presentations

STMicroelectronics - MUGM 2014 Chair Opening Remarks

MunEDA 2014 - What's new in WiCkeD 6.7 - Integration & R&D Roadmap (MUGM 2014)

MunEDA - Video - WiCkeD 6.7 Tool Demo - Enhancements & New Features (MUGM 2014)

ICScape - Accelerate Design Closure

MunEDA - Statistical Verification and Analysis Tools (MUGM 2014)

SMIC - Process related yield debug and optimization of analog IP with MunEDA WiCKeD

Lantiq - Sign-off Flow for RF Applications with WiCkeD in a 65nm Technology

Novatek - S&H Sample & Hold (ADC) Mismatch Analysis and Sizing using WiCkeD

IPGEN - New layout generation techniques for variation sensitive analog circuits

MunEDA - Reliability & Robustness Based Design Using WiCkeD (MUGM 2014)

MunEDA - Video - Tool-Demo: Reliability & Robustness Based Design Using WiCkeD (MUGM 2014)

STMicroelectronics - I/O Design Optimization Flow for Reliability In Advanced CMOS Nodes

Infineon - Reliability Aware Design of Relaxation Oscillator in Advanced CMOS Technology Nodes with WiCkeD

STMicroelectronics - IOs circuit optimization activities to enhance productivity, circuit robustness and improve existing reliability flow

Sapienza University Rome - Digital standard cell noise margin optimization, also considering aging effects with MunEDA WiCkeD and Synopsys MOSRA tools (MANON)

Infineon - Safeguarding Holdtime Margin for Internal Scan Chain in Multibit-Register Standardcells

Altera - Distributed Memory Design (MLAB) - optimization and WCA on memory cells, datapaths, write pulse generators (MUGM 2014)

MunEDA - Tutorial: Advances in Circuit Migration (MUGM 2014)

HLMC - 55nm to 40nm Bandgap porting with SPT & High gain Amp optimization with MunEDA WiCkeD

Fraunhofer - Silicon Proof of the Intelligent Analog IP Design Flow using WiCkeD

MunEDA - Presentation: Full-Custom Low Power Design Methodology with MunEDA WiCkeD (MUGM 2014)

MunEDA - Video - Tool Demo - Full-Custom Low Power Design Methodology with MunEDA WiCkeD (MUGM 2014)

MunEDA - Tutorial: Ultra High Sigma (6+ Sigma) Analysis - High Sigma is not enough (MUGM 2014)

STMicroelectronics - Corner Verification and Design Optimization in Smart Power & Non-Volatile Memory Technologies

University Frankfurt - FEATS - explorative automated topology synthesis with WiCkeD

Fraunhofer - Advanced measures for OpAmp optimization with WiCkeD

STMicroelectronics - Design validation and development of RF macrocells

ARP Microsystems - High-Voltage Automotive Analog IP Development for SOC using WiCkeD tools

Altera - Full-Semi-custom Clock Trees Optimization with WiCkeD - Clock Skew Matching, Clock Insertion Delay, Duty-Cycle (MUGM 2014)

STMicroelectronics - SMAC - Smart components and Smart Systems integration (FP7-ICT-2011-7)