MunEDA User Group Meetings

MUGM MunEDA User Group Meeting 2009, Nov 12th / Nov 13th - Presentations

STARC - Tools, Trends & Strategic Challenges for the Global Semiconductor Industry

STMicroelectronics - Worst Case Analysis and Yield Optimization of a micro-power precision OpAmp based on an advanced Offset Cancellation Chopper technique in HF7CMOS (350nm) from APM-IMS with WiCkeD

IPGEN - Automatic Analog IP Generation with: 1Stone®

STMicroelectronics - WiCkeD Application Case: Design and characterization of a dither VCO for mixed signal application at different levels of abstraction

MunEDA 2009 - WiCkeD 6.0 - Software Tutorial & Release Updates (MUGM 2009)

Bosch - Methods of Usage Measurement for WiCkeDTM in Bosch Automotive Design Flow

Lantiq - The Stepchild Parametric Yield

Atmel - Modelling of Multi-Stage Amplifiers with WiCkeD

Infineon - Architectural Assessment of Design Techniques to Improve Speed and Robustness in Embedded Microprocessor

University Ilmenau - Analysis of frequency-optimized transimpedance amplifiers in XFAB 600nm BiCMOS technology

MunEDA 2009 - MunEDA Tools and R&D-Roadmap 2009 (MUGM 2009)

STMicroelectronics - WiCkeD simulation based and modeling approach. Ring oscillator in 65nm non volatile memory technology from TRD-CCDS and low emission I/O pad buffer in 90nm CMOS low power technology from APG Car Radio

University Munich - Towards Reliability Optimization of Analog Integrated Circuits

ZMDI - Proposals for Technology Porting of IP

University Taiwan - Analog Behavioral Modeling and Its Application on Yield Enhancement of Analog Circuits

STMicroelectronics - AMS design flow - Trends, strategic tools and innovative methodologies for deep sub-micron technology nodes

IMMS - Design and Optimization of a High-Speed Blu-ray Disc Photodetector IC with WiCkeD

STMicroelectronics - WiCkeD - Statistical Analysis and Optimization of a Sense Amplifier for very low voltage applications in CMOS 90nm Flash technology from IMS MMS CR&D

University Ulm - Investigations on Performance and Productivity Improvement of CMOS Circuits for Analog Signal Processing with WiCkeD